8-Hour Mad Verse City stream with new homemade prompts!

Hi there! It’s ska234 here. Thanks for supporting me on my Mad Verse City streams. As a follower of mine, I’d like to invite you to my debut of an exclusive new Mad Verse City mod that includes hundreds of my own custom prompts! It’s basically a full expansion! Better yet, I’ll be using a FACE CAM for the entire stream! I’ve spent many, many hours coming up with these prompts to help shake up the game (with a little bit of help from SargentPwnage and Chonky), and I’m sure you’ll love what we’ve done together. To celebrate the release of this new mod, I will be holding an 8-hour-plus stream, with every dollar donated adding an additional minute. Every subscription will add 5 minutes (10 or 25 minutes for $10 and $25 tiers, respectively). Each 100 bits will add a minute, too.

If you’re a fellow streamer (and/or you’re friends with someone who streams), a stream that would lead to a raid during this marathon stream would mean so much to me! I know a lot of streamers are doing it tough, so a raid in lieu of a donation is going to help me so much!

Each winner of a Mad Verse City match will receive 1 point, myself included. It’s winner takes all, too. But here’s the kicker: the loser will get a point deducted from their tally, so don’t slack off if you fall behind! Whoever has the most points at the end will win some great prizes, so read on!

To help grow the channel and increase the amount of time I can dedicate towards this passion project, I’ll be doing a donation/sub drive to raise money for hardware, such as a capture card for my Nintendo Switch, which I plan on using to stream Super Mario Maker 2 (upon its release) as well as other Nintendo Switch games. Financial contributions aren’t necessary, but even a few bucks here and there would DRAMATICALLY affect the sustainability of my stream. If you’ve enjoyed what I’ve done and want to see me keep going, please keep this in mind.

Oh, by the way, for this steam only, all donations will receive TRIPLE the number of ska-bucks they would normally receive from donations of subscriptions. In other words, if you donate $10, you’ll get 3,000 ska-bucks instead of the 1,000 you’d normally receive. Ska-bucks can be used for song requests, rhyme extensions, priority game entry, and MORE! I’ll also triple the number of ska-bucks I normally give away for winners; that is, you’ll get 300 ska-bucks for each win.

If we hit the US$170 target, I’ll be doing a game giveaway to whomever donates the most money/bits/subscriptions by the end of the stream! I’ll also give a bonus 5,000 ska-bucks in addition to the ska-bucks they earn from donations/gifted subs. Subs will only count for $2.50 towards the total due to Twitch’s 50% cut.
There’s also a skill-based element, too. (Remember how I told you to read on?)

No donation or subscription is necessary to win this. Here’s what you get if you accrue the most points (or second-highest total if I have the most points):

+ A permanent spot in my hall of fame. (Bragging rights, essentially);
+ 10,000 ska-bucks, in addition to any you win during games. (That’s right—10,000 ska-bucks!);
+ You’ll get a custom MVC building named after you, ticker gag, and a custom prompt that commemorates your victory in all perpetuity;
+ And you’ll get first access to my source files with all the modified prompts, ticker gags, and buildings! If you don’t own or stream the game, you can nominate a streamer of your choice to receive the files. Any streamer who raids me during this stream will get access to this mod! They just have to ask me for a link!

If this is a success, I may do these drives on a monthly basis; if it’s a failure, please send flowers to my funeral. (Don’t worry—that was a joke. Definitely a joke. Probably.) Even if my goal is not met, all donations are incredibly cherished. This is a small stream, but there are some big hearts. Thank you.


Due to circumstances beyond my control, the scheduled start time has been rescheduled as follows:

START: Monday, June 17, 2019, 23:59 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

END: Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 07:59 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) (or later depending on donations/subscribers)

It’s basically all Monday evening for you Americans. (All day long on Tuesday for Australians.) A major reason for the change was due to Father’s Day being a problem for many.

RSVP: Please let me know if you can attend via Twitch whisper! I will send out another whisper the day before in order to remind you! Set your alarms, y’all!

CONTRIBUTE YOUR PROMPTS: To contribute our own prompts for the game (and potentially see them used), please send me as many prompts as you’d like in this configuration:
“To get in the mood I rub my nipples with . (jam, whipped cream, butter) noun – a sandwich spread”
The words in parentheses are suggestions.
I don’t expect anyone to stay for the whole stream, but I’ve tried to set the time as it is so that I can reach the most people possible. Thanks so much for your continued support. It means the world to me.


I’m holding an 8-hour-plus Mad Verse City competition to introduce my new user-made prompts as well as raise funds for a capture card and other streaming expenses. I’d love for this stream to be self-sustaining instead of being run at a loss. Thanks so much. I love each and every one of you!