Best brokers for trading United States Natural Gas Fund (UNG)

The United States Natural Gas Fund (“UNG”) is a dynamic method for shrewd investors and hedgers to properly manage their energy portfolio. As an exchange-traded security, The United States Natural Gas Fund is designed to monitor, in percentage terms, natural gas prices. The goal of UNG, insofar as investment is concerned, is to track the overall percentage change to the price of natural gas delivered to Henry Hub, Louisiana. It is measured by the price fluctuations of the natural gas futures contract as traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

There are many brokerage companies that handle the UNG fund, but here are some strong candidates for managing your UNG fund.

ETX Capital is one of the original CFD brokers in the United Kingdom. Founded more than 50 years ago in 1965, they offer considerably tight spreads, which measure in as low as 0.7 on EuroDollar and 0.9 on other FX pairs. ETX has also accrued several distinguished awards, including an Investment Trends Award 2013 and a UK Forex Award 2013 for Best Forex Trading Tool & Software. Perhaps best of all, they offer a no-deposit offer of £20 to test their MT4, Pro and Binary options trading platforms. Depositing clients can also redeem a welcome bonus of up to £3,750.

Another UK broker for UNG investors is IG Spread Betting. Founded back in 1974, IG has an established reputation as the largest CFD broker—not just in the UK but the world, too. This is measured in both market capitalisation (boasting a market cap of more than £2.5 billion) and active user base. Because of this, IG naturally has a range of markets that ranks among the biggest brokerage firms in the world. You can also test their trading platform by opening a free demo account.

Lastly, InterTrader uses the well-known LCG trading platform to execute trades. Established in 2009, InterTrader has forged its way into the market by being innovative and fresh, which has given it a leg-up over its competitors in certain areas. One such area is its starting capital, which is up to £10,000 for new traders.