I’ve started the site!

The purpose of this website/blog is twofold:

1) I intend on using this as a platform to both promote and sell my book when it is eventually released.

2) A place separate from social media, so that the people who wish to follow my progress can do so, and those people who have little to no interest but are also my friends on social networking sites such as Facebook, are not constantly bombarded with my writing updates.

So why did I buy this domain and not benschultz.com or some other variant? Well, I would if I could, but unfortunately, Ben is a fairly common name, and so too is Schultz; therefore, it was always going to be a hard domain to acquire. The current owner of that site has had it as long as I can remember (I love the minimalist theme, by the way), and I seriously doubt he would be willing to just hand it over.

My other blog, euphoricgames.net, which has been lying dormant for over two years now, will probably just be left to decay like a long-forgotten Geocities site, or Madonna. (Just in case you’re reading this in the future and Madonna has actually died, this a cheap joke about Madonna’s age, not her decaying corpse; I am not that insensitive. Wait, let me just check Wikipedia to make sure she’s not actually dead … Okay, just checked it; she’s still alive as of this post.)

If you came here from a Facebook post or an email link from my previous blog mailing list, the Metanet Forums, or any other place for that matter, then I thank you for taking the time to read this post. This site is very bland at the moment, but I am working on procuring a new theme, as well as adding in relevant pictures and other pertinent details.

I will try to post here with much more frequency than my previous blog; however, as is my tendency, this might be a huge lie. (Tendency to not make regular posts, that is, not my tendency to lie. Unless that, too, was a lie. A-ha! Now you will never know what I meant, as your mind contorts through the mysterious paradox that I have unleashed upon you.

Well, that’s all I have to say for now. Adios.

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