DJ Baby-Zee is taking the EDM world by storm, and you won’t believe how old he is!

First there was superstar French teenager Madeon; then there was Black Summer, the 12-year-old DJ wunderkind from Australia; and last week, news of John Anthony, 9, made worldwide headlines. But they are all practically senior citizens compared to one rising star. At just over 2 years of age, DJ Baby-Zee might not have spoken his first sentence yet, but he’s already making waves in the EDM scene, having been put on residency rotation at some of Miami’s hottest nightclubs. His father, Daddy-Zee, explains:

“Well, my son Baby-Zee first started spinning the ones and twos at about 6 months old, before moving onto production work. His fingers were, of course, not nimble enough to properly manipulate a keyboard or mouse like he could with the jog wheels, so we hooked him up with a modified Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn laptop, pre-installed with Babelton Live. Before you knew it, he was making some mad-dope beats. By 15 months of age, he was ghost-producing for Martin Garrix and David Guetta.”

DJ Baby-Zee
Don’t let the cute face fool you—DJ Baby-Zee might still be drinking formula, but his beats are anything but formulaic; his latest mixtape contains some of the edgiest beats since DJ Shadow.

With such a promising career ahead of Baby-Zee, labels have been scrambling to sign him up—impatiently awaiting the day that the 2-year-old becomes physically capable of signing his name. Spinnin’ Records even went as far as trying to file a court-sanctioned exemption to allow Baby-Zee to sign with his palm dipped in acrylic paint, but the judge dismissed the label’s request, saying:

“Sure, Baby-Zee certainly displays the skill and intellect comparable to many of the artists you have on your payroll, but if we allow Baby-Zee to sign this contract, we might be opening the doors to the ethical dilemma of unleashing the next Avicii. And God knows I am not risking being disbarred because I let an infant headline at Tomorrowland.”

DJ Baby-Zee’s latest single, “Babez in da Hood”, has already sold more than a staggering 250,000 units worldwide on his father’s indie label, and the little tyke shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.